Happy Thanksgiving 2013

I have always been the type of person who is happy and grateful for the place in my life I am in at the moment. I have relished in the journey and completely enjoy and love being really truly – alive.


I strive to be happy and content with whatever life throws my way and I can honestly look back and say I have had the most amazing time getting where I am today.


I had a childhood I can look back on fondly, our home was filled with laughter, love and memories I choose to carry on now that I have a family of my own.  I am one of the few (so it seems) who thoroughly enjoyed high school, I thrived in college and figured out the kind of person I wanted to be be and my place in this world shortly after.

All of those experiences, as amazing as they were only led me to the life I have now – I have a husband who really is my better half, my sole mate, the love of my life. “Although not every day is good, there is good in everyday”.

blog 4

I have 2 amazing, beautiful, healthy, thriving, perfect children who bring joy to my life like I could never have imagined. They have changed my life in ways I cant even describe… and have made my world complete.


I have family who has my back in everything I do, who love me unconditionally and who I enjoy being around.

We have a home, jobs, the means to do the things we love. I have girlfriends I can laugh, cry and create memories to last a life time with and sibling relationships some only dream about.


I am truly lucky, blessed beyond measure and completely thankful every day for the opportunity to live this life.


From our family to yours – I hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving and are blessed with all of the wishes, tidings and magic of this holiday season.


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