Our final Puzzle Piece – Princess Makenna

Miss Makenna….


“Suddenly, through birthing a daughter, a woman finds herself face to face not only with an infant, a little girl, a woman-to-be, but also with her own unresolved conflicts from the past and her hopes and dreams for the future”. – Elizabeth Debold and Idelisse Malave

When Gavin was about 15 months old we decided it was probably time to start thinking about maybe giving him a brother or a sister. We wanted a close age gap between our kids as we both grew up close to our own brothers and wanted to give our own children that same opportunity.

My brother in law was getting married to one of my very best friends in September of 2012  and we decided any time after the wedding (since Jeremy Gavin and I were all IN the wedding and had to travel for it) would work for getting pregnant… Gavin was 18 months old at that point and we decided it was our time to try.

katie and moose 2

By some grace of God we actually conceived the week we were on vacation attending and being in the wedding. (Some pics for your viewing pleasure of the amazing time we had)…

katie and moose 3

And one of me and my baby…. the “ring bearer”.

blog  \

We found out we were expecting again in October. I was only about 3 weeks along. We announced to the world that Gavin was going to be a big brother at Christmastime 🙂


I would have been happy with either a boy or a girl for our second baby and knew there were pros and cons to Gavin having a brother OR a sister… a healthy baby was all we really could ask and hope for… BUT if I am being totally honest (at this point I think its OK) I secretly wanted a little girl of my own more than I would ever be able to describe in words. It is something I have always imagined for myself and fantasized about… having a daughter and having that special mother-daughter relationship with my own child one day.

We decided to do a gender reveal this time around to include Gavin in finding out the gender of his new baby and to make a fun memory of finding out the sex for our family and close friends.

When I found out I was pregnant with a girl my excitement was evident… I could not hide the delight I felt. I knew she was the puzzle piece that completed our family… the daughter I had been hoping, dreaming and longing for.

Makenna 2

Makenna’s pregnancy was also easy but was definitely a little harder on me overall… I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes at 28 weeks. Although it was considered “borderline” diabetes and was diet controlled, it was still a bit of a bummer. I had to go in for weekly sonograms and non stress tests beginning at 32 weeks gestation.

We also learned around 34 weeks that the umbilical cord was wrapped around our baby girl’s neck… which we were not supposed to worry about (but who really doesn’t worry when it comes to pregnancy or your children in general??)

Here are some of our Maternity Pictures.

maternitymaternity4Makenna 5makenna 3maternity5

I was scheduled to induce with Makenna on 6/12/13 however she had other plans.

At my check up the day before the scheduled induction I was sent over to the hospital straight from my appointment. I was 5 centimeters along and she was ready to be born!!

Her Birth was super easy and SUPER fast. I felt like I couldn’t even catch up with myself before she was here and in my arms.

Makenna 7

That moment I felt the most complete I had ever felt in my life… I have felt that way every single day since.

makenna 8makenna 13makenna 14makenna 11

Makenna is also a very “easy” baby… she is easy in ways Gavin wasn’t and is more challenging in ways I never encountered the first time around.

She is definitely her own little person and is our Princess (especially to Daddy).

She is very aware of who Mommy is and where Mommy is going at all times. She watches me like a hawk. She loves to snuggle and just lay with me (which Gavin, as an infant – did not.). At first when she was a newborn I was afraid she would be the same way he was because she has always liked putting herself to sleep and laying down alone for a few minutes before bed, but she has turned into a bit of a softy and a big cuddler!


Makenna is enamored with her brother, she loves to watch his every move and giggle and laugh at him. She is just starting to play and interact with him more and he is definitely showing what a great big brother we knew he could be.

She is also a “bit” of a daddy’s girl and lights up the second he enters a room. (I see this being a problem come the teenage years for me).


She is rolling over, she loves to sing and dance, just started to start eat solid foods and is almost ready to sit on her own. She is happy and content as long as someone is paying attention to her – at all times.  She is developmentally on track and is everything I ever dreamed of.


Having a daughter is definitely different than having a son. I can’t put my finger on why this is exactly, its just something I feel but can’t explain. I adore my children with exactly the same amount of love and devotion but I can’t help but to look into the future at the special mother-daughter relationship we have the opportunity to develop and I can’t wait to see who she becomes. I have my Mama’s boy, and now I have my girl.

The other day Jeremy called Makenna and I “two peas in a pod” … I could not help but smile and feel SO happy. I love that I have another girl in the house now, I love that I have my daughter – My sweet, beautiful baby girl.. my princess… our final puzzle piece.



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