DIY Headband Series

HI! My name is Melissa and I have an addiction to headbands and hair bows for my little girl!!!


There I said it!

The picture above is one of 3 places I have bows stashed around Makenna’s room! My habit is out of control.

If you are a mom of a girl I am sure you know fully well of the OBSESSION with headbands and hair bows one can easily develop… You know that Etsy is a bad bad bad place – no really it’s SUCH a great place – but it’s BAD because you cannot tear yourself away from it, EVER!! You know you cannot have too many headbands, that one of every color (sometimes 2-3 of one color) is absolutely “necessary”… AND you know that all these headbands and bows get VERY expensive after awhile.

Which takes us to this post. Jeremy was getting quite annoyed with me spending money every other couple weeks and for every holiday on headbands, I wanted to find a cheaper way to make it work so that I could still have as many as I wanted while being a little more understanding of his budget.

One day my super crafty sister in law, Katie came across a fantastic website that sells the materials for making super cute headbands and bows wholesale and I decided that “hey, I could probably make these myself”… and decided to give it a try.

I am really into the glitter headbands and satin flowers right now so I started with those. I also like the shabby flowers so I added some of those to my cart to mix it up a bit and so that I would have plenty to “play” with.

box of bows2

Once my shipment arrived at my house I broke out my hot glue gun, some felt and went to town.

To make a simple headband like this…


I like to measure out the elastic to fit my daughter’s head perfectly. Once I have that done, I glue the ends together. You can then add your flower.

SO easy!!


I like to put my flowers right where the ends of the elastic are glued together to cover them up. I cut some felt to secure to the outside (so the band and flower don’t irritate her skin).


And that’s it! Adorable headband for baby!!


Katie found a Pin on Pinterest that demos how to make a felt bows – which I am also really into right now (let’s be honest – is there any kind of bow I am not REALLY interested in right now??)

felt bows

After playing around with it a few times she nailed them. Once the bow was created I could just fasten to any elastic I wanted.


Here is a basic Template for cutting the fabric. You can make the pieces thicker or thinner depending on what you want. I like a thinner bow personally so I do mine a little more on the slender side.

I have outlined the steps to make a felt bow here; which even I – the most craft challenged person to walk the planet manage to execute.

1) Cut the template and the felt to your liking.

IMG_4513 IMG_4521

2) Form a loop with the bigger of the 3 pieces and fasten together with glue.

IMG_4522 IMG_4525

3) On the non-seam side, scrunch the fabric up in the center until you form what resembles a bow.


4) Once you have your “bow” formed use the smallest piece of felt to secure the bow in place.

IMG_4529 IMG_4531 IMG_4532

5) Secure the bow on the back piece (if you choose to use one) and your bow is complete!!!

IMG_4533 IMG_4534

You can add this to any elastic or clip that you want.


TaDa… your done!!

I have really begun to enjoy taking a Friday night, having a glass of wine and putting some adorable bows together for my girl. The entire process is super easy and actually a lot of fun and in doing everything yourself you can be assured your getting exactly what you want.

Happy crafting!!


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