Mama Say What?!

Five years ago when I was planning my wedding I stumbled across a wedding planning website that I got really into during the whole process. I “met” some amazing girls through the planning forum and even met (in person) one woman I still see on a pretty constant basis and have formed a good friendship with over the years.

After the “I dos” were said and we all settled into married life, like clockwork  the babies started arriving and another group, this time on Facebook was formed.

The topic?? You guessed it… our beautiful babies and being moms! Over the past 3 years I have developed friendships with these woman (think along the lines of online dating, but platonic), gone to them for mothering advice, vented to them and got to know them on a level most days I find hard to explain to the outside world. I find myself on most days extremely lucky to be a part of such an amazing group of Mamas!!

About a year ago a couple of us came together to create a new “baby”, a blog… Head over to Mama Say What?!  today to see what its all about and be sure to check out some of the articles I have written or have been featured in.

Most recently I was given the opportunity to receive, use and review Baby Bullet of my own for MSW?! (How lucky am I???) I have really liked the Baby Bullet so far and definitely recommend it to all mom’s looking to make their own baby food!

The review was featured on the blog yesterday… so head over and check it out.

More importantly be sure to enter to WIN a Baby Bullet of your own through the amazing Giveaway!!!


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