A VERY Merry Christmas

From my crazy family to yours, I want to take this time to wish you a Happy Holiday and hope for a fabulous New Year.


As I have touched on before the Holidays seem to have a special place in my heart. Christmas time always takes me back to my childhood – growing up with my mom’s decorations throughout our house (which I have attempted to recreate in my own home because I loved them so much) watching Lifetime and ABC Family Christmas movies, my parents baking cookies, awaiting Santa, not being able to sleep Christmas Eve after an amazing seafood extravaganza, the excitement of Christmas day… surrounded by family and delicious food…

I can only hope I can give my children the types of holiday memories I have to look back on one day.

We have Miss. Makenna who is celebrating her first Christmas. Although she doesn’t really know much of what is going on this is the year she will get her first Christmas outfit, her first presents… her first Christmas ornament… a keepsake she will most likely take with her when she has grown, spread her wings and started a life of her own.

This ornament will decorate our Christmas tree for the next 20 some years, until she finds someone to share her life with and has her own home… it will then go with her and will adorn her own tree.

The thought of that baffles my mind. I want to stop time.


My 2 year old… the awe, the magic in his eyes when he tells me “Mommy I love Christmastime”… This is what I live for. This is what I have waited 30 years to experience. Watching my child and the joy on his face, seeing the hope, the innocence, the belief in something far beyond his wildest imagination.

This my friends is what life is really all about.


Reading Twas the Night Before Christmas to my kid before bed, dressed in his holiday jammies all warm and comfy has possibly been one of life’s most rewarding moments of all time for me.

IMG_4863 IMG_4866

Gavin loves talking about Santa, the reindeer and the North Pole. We have watched Christmas movies, baked cookies and Jeremy and I are simply relishing in being able to be on the other side of the “Santa” story as parents.


I have had a few different conversations this season with other parents about Santa and if we should be essentially “lying” to our children, putting on a false charade, convincing them of this “man” who does not exist. It takes me immediately to one of my favorite pieces of writing of all time.

Yes Virginia there IS a Santa Clause.

Do I look at this as lying to Gavin??

Absolutely not. To us Santa is a real living magical being. He lives in the innocence of childhood, the desire to know that there is still goodness in the world. He represents what is special, what we all should to strive to be  – giving selflessly, bringing happiness, creating memories our kids will carry with them forever.  Santa Claus lives in me, he lives in you and he is present far beyond just Christmas time.

Existing in the kind of world we live in, I would do just about anything to preserve the innocence of my children… keeping this belief alive for as long as we can is just a small part of that.

I often think ahead to the day either of my children “really” questions me about the truth of  the big guy. I instantly want to bust into tears like my own mother did the day I realized that Santa, was not “real”.

I wholeheartedly believe what she told me –  the day you don’t believe in Santa Claus anymore is the start to the end of your innocence. I am willing to do, pretty much anything to keep that intact, including fibbing to my kids for now.


They will forgive me.

We undoubtedly spoil our kids during the holidays. Santa bring LOTS of toys, books, puzzles and goodies. Being that really this is the ONLY time (besides Birthdays our kids really get much of anything) we like to go all out and make it a crazy fun time. Yes I realize that getting presents is not what “Christmas” is really all about… but it’s fun and we like it… as long as we can teach them the real meaning of Christmas and as long as they are able to show gratitude for the things they have and charitably when they should…… I think its ok to go all out.

What we really want to instil in our children is that the holidays are ultimately all about spending time with family… We couldn’t imagine our Christmas any other way. We have been asked multiple times  how we manage running from place to place every year with no downtime… stretching our limits and sometimes even our personal boundaries as people, as parents as a family. I am not sure Jeremy and I would know another way to be… another way to have it. We thrive off our families and enjoy our time with each side. Sometimes we do find the constant running exhausting and even overwhelming but I am not sure we would EVER do it differently. To us, it is worth it.

I hope you have the same warmth in your heart, the same love for the spirit, the same joy for the season that I do this holiday. Relish in the moments, relax when you can, take more pictures and videos then necessary. You won’t ever get this time back especially if you find yourself with little ones this holiday season – really take time to BE with them…

Christmas time WILL come again, but it will never be this year, with these people at this moment…


May your family feel the love, peace and joy that comes with the Spirit of Christmas.


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