THE Book – And a glimpse at our week in a Nutshell

Every year I can’t wait until it’s time to order my monthly planner from Tiny Prints.


This is “THE BOOK” where I keep track of our social events; doctors appointments, Birthday parties, date nights, swimming lessons, family dinners and anything and everything that crosses our path.


I do our weekly meal planning in this book, it has notes on the kids events and reminders of things I need to get done.

I seriously do not know how I would function without this book.

This is my third planner from the Erin Condren series for Tiny Prints and although it’s kinda pricy – I budget for it every year because I love it that much.

The day it arrives I feel like a kid in a candy store – armed with my pen ready to fill it up with our yearly adventures.


Being a family as busy as we usually are, I don’t know how I would remember everything we have planned unless I have it all written down.

Normally my weekly lists consist of the same types of things with a couple fun additions sprinkled in.

Meal Planning is something I do weekly.


We go through our schedule and look to see what we have going on and what we are in the mood for and I plan our grocery list based off these decided meals for the week. I am not sure I would even know how to tackle a grocery store without my meals all planned out, knowing exactly what I was shopping for.

Meal planning saves a lot of money, it saves me time in the afternoon once I am home from work to prepare that nights dinner, and makes life run a bit smoother all around – at least for us as full time working parents.

I always do my grocery shopping on Fridays so that we’re stocked for the weekend and week ahead.

A little sampling of our menu for this week:

SundaySuper Easy and Delicious Chili. Monday – Spicy Pepper Veggie Potato Sausage Bake. Tuesday – Pork Chops with Rice and a Veggie. Wednesday – Corn Flake encrusted Ranch Baked Chicken with Mashed Potatoes and a Veggie. Thursday – Open Faced Hot Roast Beef Sandwiches with Fries.

On Friday we normally do some sort of take out and then the week starts all over again.

I like to plan dinners we can double as lunches during the week but we always also stock up on lunch meats, breakfast items and random snacks to have around the house just in case the plan changes or we’re not in the mood for something.

One of my long term future goals is to plan and cook healthier meals for our family however being out of the house 9+ hours a day kinda puts a damper on that. I am lucky to get something on the stove or in the oven most evenings but I am always looking for a healthy alternatives and would love to spend more time on learning healthier ways to cook for my family.

In the short term future my goals/to do list for this week include:


Registering for Swimming Lessons for the kiddos.

Gavin will be attending instructor led classes this year and Makenna will be doing “Mommy and Me” lessons with Jeremy and I… We planned to have both kids in the pool on Saturday mornings for a half an hour each so that we’re in and out and can go on with the rest of our day once we’re done. I am a little nervous to put Gavin in the instructor led class but I do think he is ready so I am trying to be more confident than I come across.

I guess I should also shop for a new Bathing Suit for little Miss. Princess…. oh yay!! (Side note: is it bad my daughter responds to “Princess” more than she does to her own name??? – just a thought).

Venue Shopping for Gavin’s 3rd (omg how do I have an almost 3 year old??) Birthday Party.

He’s been telling me he wanted a Pirate themed Birthday Party for months… this week he decided he wanted to do Trains (with a train Birthday cake and balloons!!! – his words, not mine). I have been looking around trying to decide what to do… the price of renting places quite frankly scares me.

If anyone has any good ideas for a Train Birthday Party please feel free to throw them my way!! We still have Pirates on the back burner but I would like to explore all options so we can make the day super special for our guy.

Planning next Saturday out at the Aquarium!!

Jeremy scored 2 Baltimore Aquarium tickets at our Annual Tipton Family Secret Santa this Christmas so we’re taking full advantage and packing up the kids and making a day of it. We have been wanting to go for months now but couldn’t justify the cost of the tickets when we have no idea how Gavin will do… Normally he is great in these types of situations but we didn’t want to chance it… Come to find out kids under 3 (not 2 as it had previously been in the past) are FREE so in reality we could have swung it but now we have the perfect scenario. (Thanks Uncle John and Aunt Perie!!)

A day outing really doesn’t require that much planning… throw a few diapers, some snacks and an extra set of clothes in a bag for Makenna and we’re off. However, it does mean getting up a little earlier than our normal “lazing around do what we want Saturday routine”…. showering, getting everyone dressed and out the door at a semi decent hour. When you get up at 5am 7 days a week… this can be harder than it appears.

Motivating myself to – GET BACK IN THE GYM.

It took me 13 months to loose all my baby weight after having Gavin. It’s already gone 6 months postpartum since having Makenna but I do have some toning to do and normally the gym is something I honestly really enjoy.

Why I can’t seem to get myself back into it this time around is beyond me. Jeremy threatens to cancel my membership if I don’t start going by the middle of the month, so I really gotta do something to push myself to go or I am sure I will regret it.

SO there you have it, a slight glimpse into our week ahead. Add in the full time job, -20 degree temperatures, a trip to the Drs and I am sure a ton of other random musings and you have a week in the life I call mine.

Have a great week all! Stay warm out there!



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