A change of plans – and dealing with RSV!

As a mother, and a natural planner and organizer, one of the biggest things you learn once you have children is that a lot of the time you have to just go with the flow so to say and that your best made plans may change every now and then. You can’t really COUNT on things going as you think they will…. it’s great when they DO, but in reality…. it doesn’t always happen.

Last Sunday night as I was getting ready to put the kiddos down for the night I noticed Makenna had a bit of a cough… it was pretty gnarly sounding for such a little girl so I put her to bed with her humidifier going and made sure to check on her a few more times than normal through the night.

She woke up screaming about an hour after we put her down which is VERY unlike her, so Jeremy brought her downstairs (after a few failed attempts on my part to nurse and rock her back to sleep) to hang out for a little. She seemed to have some tummy issues but she went back down easily about an hour later.

She seemed a bit congested while nursing the next morning but she went to daycare like normal and didn’t seem to be that affected by the cough and congestion. I figured it was just a typical cold caught maybe at daycare or from her brother.

When I picked my littles up that afternoon I noticed that Gavin also seemed to have a cough along with a bit of a runny nose. I gave him some Hylands Cold and Cough medicine and we went on with our night. Since we only bathe Mak every other day, Monday night was an off night which made the bedtime routine a bit easier for us. I put her down and she seemed fine throughout the night.

Tuesday morning when I got up to nurse her, she was a mess. Coughing like crazy and fussier than usual. Her cough sounded terrible. It was downright scary.

When I got to work I decided to call the pediatrician and see if we could get her in to get checked out just to be on the safe side and was able to get her an early afternoon appointment. I left work early and took her and Gavin (who ended up having a 102.9 fever) into the Dr. Both kids were checked out due to the walking hot mess we were at the time.

They ran an RSV test on Makenna and it came back positive. The pediatrician thought Gavin probably had the same virus but wasn’t nearly as concerned as he is older and more capable of being able to rid his body of the illness. Since her vitals were normal and her chest sounded clear we were sent on our way…I was told to give Tylenol for pain/fever for both and to watch her closely.

I decided to stay home with Makenna on Wednesday as she still sounded terrible and was restless throughout the night. I was going to keep Gavin at home as well but he asked to go to “school” after breakfast so off he went and it was just Mak and I at home.

She slept a lot and was pretty much herself, just seemed a little run down. We did a steam shower, which she loved and just hung out and cuddled most of the day.


We went down and picked Gavin up from daycare and because Jeremy had a late night at work I was on my own for dinner, bath and bed. Makenna didn’t eat much of her dinner, but I figured she was just over tired from being sick and I nursed her and put her down. She went down easy so I didn’t think anything of it.

I had Gavin in the bath about 20 minutes after putting the baby down and all of sudden heard her SCREAMING and crying in her room. For a child who hardly ever cries to do this 2 nights in one week was a pretty big deal. I ran down the hall to find her still screaming and coughing badly.  I suppose she choked on everything that was stuck in her lungs and her whole face was in a panic when her lips turned blue. I don’t know what came over me, but I grabbed her up and started banging on her back. In the next minute she was no longer choking but was terrified so I took her out of her swaddles ran back to the bathroom where Gavin was (this is a whole other story for a different day – leaving my (almost) 3 year old alone in the bath… something I said I would NEVER do. Thank God that day I hadn’t put much water in the tub, but you never know and I am so thankful nothing critical happened). It’s times like these I wonder how single parents, or parents that are home alone the majority of the time with multiple children manage…. I don’t know how you all do it. Kudos to you for sure!! Anyway…. I was almost shaking myself at this point and was a bit stressed to say the least.

I tired to put the baby on our bed so I could get Gavin out of the bath. Every time I put her down she would start crying again and I didn’t know what to do because the crying kept making her choke. I called Jeremy and my parents and my mom confirmed I needed to take her to the ER. I quickly got Gavin out of the tub and dressed. I waited for my dad to get to my house, and when he did I packed Makenna up and off we went.

When we got to the ER… (MD peeps… if you have kids; GO TO Anne Arundle Medical Center – their Pediatric ER is AMAZING)!!! They took us right into triage to check her vitals and put us in a room soon after.


We only waited about half an hour before we saw the on-call Dr who said that because her vitals were all normal and because her lungs seemed clear that we could go home. She told me because of the episode of her lips turning blue they would give me the option to have her admitted and monitored over night but she thought she would do fine going home. SO home we went with instructions to watch her closely and return if she had any type of negative change at all.

Jeremy stayed home with her on Thursday. She seemed okay in the morning, ate normally and was acting like her typical happy self. He put her down for her nap and got concerned when 2.5 hours had passed and she still had not woken up. When she finally did wake up she was warm so he took her temperature – 101.5. She was also breathing really fast and her breaths was labored and shallow. We decided he should take her back to the ER.

Once at the ER, they took Makenna and Jeremy back right away and started breathing treatments. I started to panic because this is NOT what happened the night before. After 2 hours of being there Jeremy called and told me they would probably admit her that evening.

I left work and went and picked up Gavin who once again was running a 102.5 fever and had not been himself all day at daycare according to our provider. After some cuddles I set him up on the couch with his favorite show and some Pedialyte and I went and packed a bag for the hospital.

My mom came to the rescue once again to be with Gavin but I had serious conflicts with what I should be doing… How do I leave my baby boy with a (pretty high) fever? Do I go to the hospital to be with my daughter while he was home sick?? I felt torn in so many ways like I was making the wrong choice no matter what I did.

I got to the hospital and Makenna had just woken up. She was in a pretty good mood and liked playing with Daddy but I could tell she didn’t feel well at all.


We hung out for awhile and I tried to feed her as soon as I got there, but you could tell she was having trouble eating so it wasn’t very productive. Jeremy left to go get us some dinner and I was able to hang out with my girl just her and I for a little while. She was so lethargic and was just laying around, so unlike her.

I felt so bad for her and in that moment I knew she needed me just a little more… I knew I had made the right decision to be there.


The Dr came in around 6:45 and confirmed that we would be indeed spending the night. Her oxygen levels were just too low and she was breathing too fast for her little body to handle. He wanted to monitor her and do round the clock breathing treatments.

We were moved to a room around 7:30pm. They checked her in and the Respiratory Therapist came in for her treatment. She was so tired at this point as she normally goes to bed for the night around 6pm but she handled it like a champ.

Daddy left us to go be with Gavin and relieve my mom around 9pm and Makenna and I settled in for the night. She had a really hard time getting comfy so eventually I asked the nurse if I could still swaddle her even with all her wires and monitoring and she told me “You can do whatever you want, she is you kid” which gave me a small sense of control in a situation where I felt helpless… Once swaddled Makenna went right to sleep.


(Sorry for the crappy picture – I didn’t want to risk waking her with the flash!)

The nurses and Respiratory team came in every 3 hours the first night. It was hard to see her woken up constantly when she just wanted to sleep and it was difficult getting her resettled after each treatment. She was so good about it though and really handled it well.

The next morning the TV in our room shorted out at 5:30 am and because of the bad weather we had in the area the ER apparently was slammed.

By 9 am I began wondering why we hadn’t seen a  Dr. but just kept playing with my baby girl making sure she was entertained and taken care of. Her breathing treatment at 9am was uneventful but she seemed to love it.


10am came and went and we still hadn’t seen anyone… 11am came and went and I started to get annoyed. I felt that if we were going to be going home they needed to get the show on the road.

At 11:15am Makenna’s wheezing started to get really bad. Her breathing was shallow and labored again and her oxygen levels were in the teens. I paged the nurse and the Dr came instead. Makenna was grey and her lips were white.

The next 15 minutes were a whirlwind… the Dr came in and determined she was having a lot of trouble breathing and we needed to change the treatment right away. They kept throwing around different types of medical terms that I didn’t understand but the tone in their voice was interpretation enough…. she wasn’t doing well.

She had developed another fever and required a Nasal Aspirator Vacuum Suction as she could not seem to release the congestion on her own. She was having a lot of trouble nursing and wasn’t producing any wet diapers. I tired maybe 10 times to get her to eat.

It was horrible seeing my baby go through this and there was nothing I could do to help her.

Finally they got her all suctioned out (something I hope we never have to go through again) and Respiratory came for a new type of breathing treatment. They gave her Tylenol for her fever and a oral medication to prevent her throat from closing up with all the mucus that was stuck in her airway.

She settled down and was exhausted after her therapy. She still wasn’t eating so we tried some Pedialyte in a bottle which didn’t go over well either. The Dr said that if she didn’t start eating soon that we would have to talk about putting an IV in to make sure she was getting fluids.

Daddy showed up with lunch and I was able to pump some milk for Makenna to drink out of a bottle. It was (and still is) a lot easier for her to eat from the bottle as it’s a little less work for her and she took 3 ozs!! Big improvement!

With her belly full and some playtime with Daddy she fell asleep.


Makenna slept for 2.5 hours. Once she woke up she was much happier and MUCH better off. Her fever broke, her breathing was more regular and she was content as ever.

We hung out all afternoon playing with and loving on our baby girl… she loved the undivided attention. She also started nursing again and began producing wet diapers which was great news after not producing ANY for 12 straight hours… doing these things on her own meant she was getting better.

She loved spending some time cuddling with daddy.


Around 4:30pm the Dr. came in and told us what we pretty much already knew, we would be staying another night. Because of her sudden decline that morning they wanted to keep her on the monitors to watch for a little longer. Even though she was doing well at the moment, RSV has a reputation of taking a turn for the worst at a drop of a dime and they just wanted to be sure she was headed in the right direction.

Jeremy and I got dinner and Aunt Katie came to visit, which was very nice for Mommy (some good girly gossip/chatting time)… and then Makenna and I settled in to another night in the hospital.

It felt like every time I would get the baby to sleep someone else would come in to check on her… You really have no idea what having a child in the hospital is like until you are in the situation and I wouldn’t wish it it on anyone (and we were only there for TWO nights!!) I can’t imagine having to do it longer.

The night was pretty uneventful. The nurse came in at one point and said Makenna would need oxygen as her levels were dipping again, but because she responded so well to the dips they decided to just let her go. Besides the vital checks we got to sleep uninterrupted pretty much all night.

We woke up in the morning and I fed her and she went back to sleep. The nurses came in around 7am for shift change and they told me we would probably be going home as she had maintained good levels all night and her breathing was much more regular and normal. She had also been eating well and producing those wet diapers. YAY!!


After the Dr. came to check her out, it was confirmed… we were going HOME! Thank the Lord. I hadn’t seen my baby boy in 2 days and I just wanted to sleep in my own bed. 2 hours later and with discharge papers in our hands we were in the car on the way home.

Our experience with RSV wasn’t nearly as bad as other stories I have heard from friends who’s children have also experienced RSV and I am thankful we got through it somewhat uneventfully… and quickly. It’s not something I ever want to have to deal with again if we don’t have too that is for sure!

We’re still monitoring Makenna and watching her closely but I believe she has gotten through the worst of it.

I cannot say enough GREAT things about AAMC and their staff. They made me feel at ease the entire time we were there and did everything they could to make our stay as comfortable as it could be. I don’t think they ever left the room without asking if there was anything we needed or anything they could do extra for us. They were great with Makenna and took such great care of her. They wouldn’t let us go home until they knew she would be okay and even though all I wanted to do was take my baby home with me I was thankful for that.

Needless to say we didn’t make it to the Aquarium this weekend so we’re going to have to reschedule. Luckily for us, January is pretty free so we can just move our “plans” to next weekend.

For now, Makenna is SO happy to just be home.



We want to thank everyone once again for all the prayers, messages, calls and texts with genuine concern for our baby girl. It means the world to know that so many people are thinking about us and were rooting for her and her speedy recovery. Thank you!

Even with all the chaos of last week I did manage to get SOME of my to do list from last week accomplished – the kids are registered for Swimming Lessons – we start the second week in February. We began looking for and are 95% sure we found the venue for Gavin’s 3rd Birthday Party (thanks for all the suggestions) AND I made it to the gym today!! I plan to go 3 days this week so we will see how it goes. I need to get my rear in shape for the summer and I think I am finally getting the motivation I need!! More on my workouts and healthy eating journey to come.

As always I meal planned for the week and tonight we’re making one of our all time favorite Sunday night meals. 3 Ingredient Oven Roasted Pot Roast… so yummy and super easy to make!

Welp, hopefully our week to come is a bit slower and less chaotic than last and we can fall back into our normal schedule and routine (as normal as it can be right??).

I am just so happy to have my family back together under one roof!


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