Playing a Little Catch Up…

It’s been quite awhile since I last posted!!! Between not much going on and too much going on, life has kept me somewhat preoccupied.

I should probably play a little catch up on what has been going on with us.

It’s been about 4 weeks now since our little hospital stay. Makenna is doing great and has gained back the 9oz she lost that week.

She finally is sitting on her own, loves all types of solid foods and is chatty as ever. We’re having a bit of a hard time with sleeping the past few weeks (maybe that explains my lack of blogging) which Jeremy and I have never experienced as parents and Makenna is giving us a run for our money.


Its a good thing she is so cute!!

Gavin had a great past 2 weekends attending two of his friends Birthday parties one weekend and spending time with both sets of his grandparents the next.

My little party animal had a blast at Rollie Pollies two Saturdays ago and at Pump It Up that Sunday… He played, ate cake (his favorite part I think) and is now gearing up for his own “Thomas the Train” party we are planning next month (more on that to come).


Even gorgeous little Makenna had fun!


This past weekend Gavin (and Makenna) spent 2 nights in a row with his grandparents. Friday night Jeremy and I went to a party for my work so my in laws came over and spent time with the kids and Saturday we were asked last minute to attend a gala for Jeremy’s company so the kids had sleep over at Nuna and GP’s house.

As I mentioned, the gala was a last minute event for us so we spent all of last Saturday shopping with the kids in tow and getting all glammed up. My shopping buddy fell asleep on me about half way through but she was a real trooper for most of the day.


Like any Gala event there was delicious food, open bar with flowing drinks and great company. We had a blast – and clean up pretty well if I do say so myself 🙂


We also attended Jeremy’s company Winter Social a few weekends ago in DC. (Thankfully, I think our night life will be slowing down for awhile in the next couple of weeks and I am ready for a few quiet nights at home – this is not normally our forte to say the least). Needless to say, we had a blast at the social as well and even spent the night downtown.


SO lets see what else…. as mentioned we’re in the midst of planning Gavin’s (omg) Third Birthday party. I dont want to give away too many secrets but he is super excited and I have some great ideas to make the party super fun for him.

The kids are starting Swimming lessons this coming weekend and we’re excited to get them back in the pool. Spending as much time as we do at the beach/pool during the summer, I think swimming lessons are super important and I get my kids in the water as early/much as I can.

I have become OBSESSED with the television show – The Walking Dead. I essentially watched 4 seasons in about 3 weeks (another excuse for my lack of posts recently??). I am also in the midst of planning my best friend’s Bachlorette party and Bridal shower which will be taking place in the next couple of months and I am sure both will be amazing (also more on those to come).

Jeremy and I have a ski weekend coming up in Deep Creek with friends and we’re super excited for a weekend of adult fun and skiing (as though we haven’t had enough adult time recently). I am nervous about being away from Makenna for so long as this will be the longest I’ve been away from her thus far, but I know we will have a great time and it is important for Jeremy and I have to have these opportunities to get away and reconnect as a couple and with our friends.

I am becoming more and more interested in selling our current house and looking into buying our next home – a process that I have been more or less putting off for some time now. While this house has been great and I have come to really love it in some aspects, we’ve officially outgrown it and I am ready to move on and get settled in the next chapter of our lives. We have some updates we need to make before officially being on and in the market but as more time passes I cannot wait to get everything started.

So for now that is pretty much it for us… Not really much going on, just gearing up for warmer weather (although there is a bit of snow in our forecast) and a ton of new things on the horizon! Hopefully it wont be too long before my next post.

I’ll leave you with some pics of the kiddos 🙂



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