A day in the life…

As a  full time working Mom, I don’t get many opportunities to spend the day with my kids… the whole day, uninterrupted with no where to go and nothing to do. I also don’t have a ton of down time. Weekends are great for getting the things that have to be done taken care of, but there is just not enough time between the Birthday parties, swimming lessons, Gymboree classes, adult/couple time and family gatherings and plain old normal everyday fun to get everything accomplished.

Normally when I am home with my kids, my time is split between spending actual time with them and managing a household – cooking, cleaning, laundry – the basic survival necessities. When your out of the house 10+ hours a day, you don’t many opportunities to get stuff done so my time HAS to be split. Do I like it? No… However, it is just reality for us.

When I get days like today… A Government Holiday off work- where I get the entire day to be with my kids, MOST of the time the above unfortunately still applies. I play with them and spend time snuggling with them as much as I can but sadly time is still split between loads of laundry, picking things up here and there, cooking, cleaning, scheduling etc… Nap time on the weekend is when I get the majority of my chores accomplished. I feel like this is usually the norm for most working moms… but I don’t love it.

I decided today would be different. I wanted to really spend time with my kids – ALL of my time… I know there have been instances where I am guilty of being on my phone when I should be paying attention to them. I know I can be preoccupied and “busy” when I should be playing and making memories… I didn’t want that today. I wanted to play and snuggle and be with them every second I could.

SO I did…and it was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. A life in the day…. (interesting play on words right?)

After Jeremy left for work for the day and Makenna started fussing I brought the munchkins into our bed for some cartoons and snuggling. Our “at home day” normally starts around 7-7:30 am and today was no different.


After cuddles in bed we headed downstairs for breakfast.


Makenna even took her first shot at a sippy cup.


After breakfast we broke out the toys!!


(Gavin’s bread managed to make it to play time as well….. )

I have been nursing Makenna for 8 months now (Yay go me!!) and along with that comes pumping every single day. Even when I am home I have to pump to maintain my supply for her bottles for daycare. I hate it, hate it hate it hate it… but it comes with the territory and is part of the commitment. So I do it.


I am hoping to keep her exclusively breast fed for a year and right now that is my only goal… We will see where this journey leads us.

After pumping we did some more playing and Makenna eventually got fussy so I took her upstairs to put her down for her morning nap. Once she was down I decided on a activity for Gavin – finger painting. He was all about it.


One of his finished projects…


While Gavin was finishing up painting I made myself some breakfast and prepped my Oatmeal for the next 2 days at work. I have been eating oatmeal a lot and it is easier to prep it all the day/night before so it’s ready to go.


Contrary to popular belief – I don’t dislike Oreo as much as is let on… he gets my leftovers.


After my breakfast and Gavin’s painting was done and cleaned up, Makenna began to wake up so I got her up, changed her and brought her down for more playing.


We really went to town today and had a lot of fun!

Around 11:30 we normally like to start getting lunch ready for the kids. Today was no exception. With two little ones who like to take their sweet time to eat every meal we like to start early. It can be a process.


After lunch Gavin had a leftover Valentine’s Day cookie for desert.


Once lunch was over I took the kids up for their afternoon nap…. it normally starts anywhere from 12:30-1pm on the weekends. We read a story all together and then I tucked Gavin in and went to nurse Makenna before putting her down.

I had the next couple hours to do as I pleased…. normally this is the time I would spend running around doing laundry, cleaning, organizing, meal planning, paying bills, catching up with any random event we have coming up or any other various task around the house. Even though ALL of these things needed to be done, I decided to take a break for the day. (I still organized one closet and threw one load of laundry in… shhh). I made myself lunch; leftover homemade Wedding Soup my Mom had made for dinner last night and a turkey sub I threw together and chilled on the couch watching TV and playing on the internet. It was glorious!!


Also during nap time I took a few minutes to prep dinner. One of my biggest complaints of being out of the house 10+ hours a day is that I don’t have time to cook good, healthy meals for my family. I would love to cook homemade meals everyday but it’s just not something I can add to my plate right now. I am sure with a lot of organization and planning I COULD make this happen, but its yet to come to fruition at this point.

Anyway, I had found this Chicken Potato Veggie Bake on Pinterest.com last week that was in the “Clean Eating” section and decided not only did it look easy, and also delicious but it would be quick – which I like.

It took me about 10 minutes to prep.


And then I just added the chicken so it was set to go to pop in the oven when I was ready.


I was glad I had planned this meal for tonight because around lunch time Jeremy called and said he would be at work super late tonight. Normally when this happens I scratch our dinner plans and just throw something together but since this was already put together it was perfect.

It took awhile for Gavin to settle in for nap today so he wasn’t up until 4pm!!! Makenna on the other hand started stiring around 3:15…. We got some good girl time in.


This girl does NOT like to be on her belly… but at least now she is TRYING to try to go places. 🙂

Once our grumpy boy got up he got to hang out on the couch and watch a “show”. I thought a little down time would get his “grumpies” out… I was wrong. This is normal after nap for a 2 year old I am coming to find out, but it’s not always pleasant.


Around 5pm we started dinner… at least he was happy about that.


And he even sat on the potty… and finished dinner wearing NO diaper. And yes. Makenna is wearing a “Gavin” bib….

Once dinner was over we went up for bath. The kids have been doing really well taking their bath together recently and it makes it a lot easier (and cheaper – hey water bill) on us. Before we headed up I popped the Chicken Bake into the oven.

After bath, I set Gavin up with his favorite show and took Makenna up to nurse her before bed. I try to do this quickly on nights when Jeremy is late as I don’t love to leave Gavin downstairs alone too long, but I also savor these moments with Makenna… especially right after she is done eating and we snuggle for a few minutes. She is growing so fast and I only have a small window when she is THIS little… we do this every night and it’s one of my most favorite parts of my day.


Once she was down I went back downstairs to hang with Gavin. He had a half hour before bedtime so we played some Pirates, finished his show up and just hung out. Then we went up for his story and bed.

I swear I could spend all day staring at my sleeping babies….


So there you have it. A day in my life… my life in one day.

I need to remember to do this more often – take the time and really BE with my kids. I KNOW other things can wait, but I have a hard time remembering this most of the time. I always feel like I need to be everywhere at once and that everything needs to get done on a time table that doesn’t even exist. I get caught up in checking things off my to do lists and forget to slow down and make the memories… not all the time but not often enough. These uneventful, boring, mundane days are the ones that count, and I need to make them a priority and make them what matters.

I loved today and because of that, it need to happen – as often as it can for a working mom. For them and for me…..


2 thoughts on “A day in the life…

  1. Where do you get the finger painting pictures? I think Sam might be more willing to paint if he had a picture instead of a blank piece of paper!

    • Kelly, my mom actually got them for Gavin for Christmas. She said any Target, Walmart or Michaels will have them. You can also get them off Amazon!! Perfecttt for finger paints!!

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