Single Full Time Working Mom… Uh What!?!

No I am not actually single…. Jeremy and I are still very much together and in love – well most days!! More-so the days where he’s not telling me he is getting a THIRD extension on his work….

Sometimes I can’t believe this May will mark 9 years of being together…. yikes!! (I think this #tbt was from 2006).


Anyway, for the past FOUR weeks Jeremy has been out of town (during the week – Monday through Friday) for work and as a mom of two little ones – that is hard enough to begin with. Add in the fact that I have my own full time job and a killer commute, you have one tired, overrun and almost burnt out lady.

There is not enough wine in the world to make up for the last 4 weeks, but we’ve managed.

We have also managed to fit in a Ski weekend getaway with friends (and without the kids) that was planned before Jeremy knew he would be out of town, Gavin turning 3 and Makenna cutting her first tooth which resulted in a couple all nighters for poor old mom.

In the words of my grandmother… “Lord give me strength.”

Last Friday we had Gavin’s 3 year Dr visit paired up with Makenna’s 9 month visit – thank GOD neither got any shots and that Jeremy was able to come home for the appointment. The kiddos measured in weighing 33 and 19 pounds respectively and are both in the 25th percentile for height. Although Gavin still wants nothing to do with potty training, and Makenna refuses to crawl, walk or do anything that resembles moving, both are completely healthy and developmentally on track.


Can’t you tell Gavin loved getting his check up???

My typical day without Jeremy starts out waking up anywhere between 3:30 and 5:30am depending on Makenna’s schedule. I have to feed her and get myself ready. (Those 3 am days Makenna and I lay in bed as long as we possibly can). Then it’s a mad dash to get my lunch and pumping stuff packed, coffee brewed, Makenna’s food and bottles packed and shoes and coats on before we get to daycare and I get on the road to work.


I do a lot of prepping the night before so that everything is pretty much ready to go which helps a lot but I still have to multitask to make sure we’re all ready to go on time with everything we need for the day. Multitasking at 5:30 and 6am…. lets not go there.

Once again, a proper THANK YOU is in order to the “Mooses'” for all their help… not sure how I would have done this without my amazing sister and brother in law.

After putting my 8 hours in at the office which lately has had ZERO down time, I hop in the car and pray traffic is on my side so I can get to the kids in time. Katie and I carpool everyday and we normally get home between 4:30-5pm, I pick up the kids and then the three of us start our evenings. Makenna nurses as soon as we get home and Gavin gets to play and watch a show. Then I do dinner for the kids and after we head straight up for bath.


Makenna only bathes every other day so on her off days Gavin gets to play while I nurse her and put her down… when she does get a bath they suds up together and then Gavin plays downstairs while I put her down.


I actually hate this part of the evening because I know for at least 15-20 minutes Gavin is by himself downstairs. He is already in daycare up to 9 hours a day and this is just another piece of his day I am missing out on. Lucky for me he has always been a pretty independent kid and is easily swayed by a little ‘Sheriff Callie’ watching (his current favorite show) so he will just hang out while I am upstairs with the baby.


He loves to lay in Dad’s spot on the couch and is constantly “walking in Daddys’ shoes” – but we definitely miss him!


Makenna is down by 6-6:15pm and then I get some one on one time with my boy. We play, cuddle, he will help me make my dinner, he likes to help with the dishes… what we do really just depends on the evening and what has to be done. Around 7pm we head up for stories and his bed time.

Once he is down I eat, clean the kitchen and begin to prep everything for the next day. I get my lunch together, which is normally left overs from that night, make my breakfast for the next day, get Makenna’s bottles put together and prep my pumping bag. I normally run up for a quick shower and figure out what I am going to wear for the next day before I sit down to relax for really the first time all day. Its normally 8-8:30 pm by this point.

However… my day is still not over. I have to handle all the other things that come along with running a household and family and all the goings on in our social lives – scheduling, ordering, appointment making – the list goes on. Currently on my to do list – I need to order Makenna’s flower girl dress and Gavin’s Ring Bearer outfit for my Best Friend’s wedding which is this coming June. I am a major part of the planning for her Bridal and Bachlorette parties (which we are currently in the thick of) so I have those details to figure out/coordinate for the events as well. I need to start thinking about Makenna’s First Birthday party which is the weekend after the wedding not to mention OMG I have a few Birthday gifts for friends that I need to order ASAP and at some point I need to choose and order a summer wardrobe for my girl….

I need to meal plan for next week, do laundry and the daily household cleaning since we really haven’t had time during the weekend to get much of anything done and maybe possibly sleep – if Makenna will let me.

Honestly, I am not complaining. I know people who do a hell of a lot more than I do on any given day but yeesh, this is getting tiring – especially when your not used to it all. Guess I should be by this point, right?

Our family has been really awesome, bringing by dinners and hanging out a few nights a week to keep me company. I have also tried some really random but super duper easy dinner selections (when your cooking for 1 and really just don’t have the energy to make a big production but you’re also not in the mood for eggs or cereal) including a PF Chang’s Frozen Skillet meal which quite frankly scared me when I first dumped into my pan to make, but surprisingly tasted half decent.


As well as one of these Campbell’s Skillet Sauces packets, that was very tasty! I have been known to throw back and cook up a Hamburger Helper or a Velveeta Cheesy Dinner here or there but I have never tried one of these and was pleasantly surprised.


Last weekend Jeremy brought home a cold and at the start of this week Makenna came down with one of her own. I am not sure if she actually got it from him or if her’s came from teething but Gavin also caught something as well. Joy! We have humidifiers running in the kid’s rooms and I am enjoying a nice cocktail of Emergen-C morning and night.


I have also taken on 2 snow storms and one severe thunderstorm on my own… not ideal in my eyes, but I managed. No biggie right?? During the thunderstorm I literally thought a tornado was going to appear out of no where it was so windy…. I am not going to lie the wind was crazy I was pretty nervous. At one point I almost grabbed the kids out of their beds and ran for the basement!! I am also not a good shoveler when it snows, so my job was sub par, but like I said, I managed.


We are currently running on week 4 of this situation and I cannot wait for Jeremy to be home full time again. He is scheduled to get home tonight!

My 31st Birthday is coming up this weekend and I am looking forward to a night out with our friends. Last year I was pregnant for my 30th Birthday so a couple drinks will be in order for sure this go around!

When all is said and done I am thankful I have a husband who is always willing to go to the extra mile for his family and for his job. He continues to sacrifice now so we can provide a better life for our children and for us down the road. I give him a lot of crap about being gone so much lately, but I know he only does this with our very best interest at heart. Sometimes I may need a reminder to maybe be a little easier on him when it comes to being gone so much because I know he misses us too.

To look at all of this in a positive perspective, I am always happy for the one on one time with my kiddos and I did it… I made it! I am self sufficient!!

I love this crazy tragic, sometimes almost magic, awful beautiful life ❤



4 thoughts on “Single Full Time Working Mom… Uh What!?!

  1. You’re Awesome!!! Thanks for the motivation. No matter how complex things are, we’ll make it through!! I believe that.

    On another note, we miss you guys at the Skins games! Our section is not the same without the Brian and Jeremy strategy discussions, lol!!

    Take care!

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