31 Things I have Learned in 31 Years.

In honor of my 31st Birthday last week I came up with a list of things I have learned in the past 31 years (a little late, I know)…. I don’t claim to be a life expert or even someone to has a good handle on how your “supposed” to “be” but I think my list ended up pretty good. Enjoy.

1. Being successful and making a lot of money  is not always all it is cracked up to be…. being happy is more important.

2. Having a child will single-handedly change your life in more ways than you can ever prepare for…. You are never 100% ready.


3. Your parents are human beings, they are not invincible, they are not super heroes and they make mistakes.

4. Friends will stab you right in the front… they wont even do it in the back. Hold your head high and move on.

5. Perception is a far cry from reality…

6. A Saturday night at home on the couch with the one you love and Chinese carry out can beat a night out on the town any day of the week.

7. Childbirth is, by far the most amazing thing you will ever do/take part in/witness. You are never the same once you have experienced a child being brought into the world. Pregnancy is a close second. Growing a baby inside of me is one of the most life altering things I have ever done. Feeling your child moving inside of you is magical.


8. Drinking wine in mass quantities is not a social norm nor really acceptable for a 30 year old women, but it is a lot of fun and doing it with your best friends is food for the soul. Every women benefits from good girl time.


9. An iPad, tablet etc. will NEVER take the place of an old fashioned BOOK with pages.

10. Family really IS everything. Family is sometimes chosen. Family doesn’t waver.

11. You don’t have to cry every time you fall down. Metaphorically and literally.
I was about 5 the day I fell out of a tree in my front yard in our Pennsylvania home and scraped my arm. As any 5 year old would I immediately started blubbering for my mom. “You don’t have to cry every time you fall down” she told me “wait a second and see if it really hurts before you cry – there is not even any blood”…. I think we can all take this lesson into adulthood. It would save quite a few tears I presume.

12. It is OK to fail… You don’t have to be perfect at everything and sometimes things don’t work out the way you would like them to. It’s OK. Try again. Putting so much pressure to on yourself to succeed at all times is exhausting and not realistic.

13. At least once in your life you should drive/own a convertible car. It is a completely liberating feeling.

14. Working hard for things, even if takes longer to get to the destination – is more rewarding than being handed what you need to get where your going – including financial road blocks. Looking back on how far you have come is worth the work and wait.

15. Love and marriage is hard work… after 4.5 years of “wedded bliss” I now know what everyone means when they say:  “remember this feeling you have on your wedding day”  because not everyday is easy and quite frankly some days SUCK. HOWEVER that love – changes, it evolves, it grows in ways you can’t possibly imagine on the day you get married. You find yourself falling over and over and even more in love than you once were as you grow together and as life happens.


16. Christmas time is really the BEST time of year. It gets even better once you’re a parent.


17. People are going to judge you and talk about you no matter what… give them something to talk about, and stay true to yourself regardless. This sadly holds true both in high school and into your career as well as with your friends… no matter what stage in life you may be in.

18. Lying – even lying by omission is normally not the way you should want to live your life. Make it a priority to always tell the truth, that way you never have to second guess or question yourself.

19. Choose a partner who is your best friend. Someone you can trust and who will always have your back. You will be with that person at your best and at your worst. It’s worth it have them on your side.


20. Don’t compete with your friends – it only creates tension and hurt feelings. We are all on a completely different life journeys and are all in different places…. there is honestly nothing to compare.

21. A hot bath and a glass of wine can cure any bad day.

22. Tact is a learned personality trait. Not many people have learned this. Having a filter and some class are also a good qualities to possess….  not many people have those either.

23. There will be a boy (or girl) who WILL break your heart at some point. Forgive them and move on gracefully.
Your parents and friends can only protect you for so long. Someone will come into your life, sweep you off your feet and then drop you like an old habit. Let them go. I am sure you have been on the other end at some point in your life and would appreciate that grace in return.

24. Shots are always a very bad idea. (Especially when done in conjunction with #23)

25. I am glad there was no such thing as “Social Media” when I was in high school and the beginning of college. Just saying.

26. You are always stronger than you think you are.

27. Cooking and baking are two completely different things – you can be great at one and suck at the other.

28. A girl can never have too many purses, pearls, shoes or little black dresses.


29. Never take your eye sight for granted. At 33 weeks pregnant with Gavin I had emergency retinal reattachment surgery. I have never had the same vision or eyesight since. You never know how much you value your vision until you don’t have it.

30. A girl needs 3 things to survive…. a best friend, a good eyeliner and a place to call home.


31. Everyday normal mundane life is what makes being alive worthwhile. Memories are made when you’re not even looking, time goes to fast and life happens before you can even catch up. Make sure to really live in every moment and make the most of every day. Life is a blessing – make every day count!




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