MDW at the Beach!

It’s been awhile since I have done a re-cap of our daily lives/weekend events that we have going on so I thought I would catch everyone up on our Memorial Day weekend at the Beach!!

My in-laws purchased a house in Ocean Pines, MD (almost 2 years ago now) which is about 6 miles from Coastal Highway in Ocean City (quite convenient if you ask me!) and last year the kids and I were able to put in some really good time at the house and beach as I was on maternity leave and could come and go as I pleased. This year we have a few time slots carved into our already hectic and busy summer schedule for some good vacation time as a family.

Who wouldn’t want as much time as possible at the beach right?!?!?


The first weekend we had really been looking forward to this summer was Memorial Day Weekend so to say we were chomping at the bit is an understatement. Jeremy and I decided to take Friday off so that we could head down Thursday evening to try and avoid the traffic (although from what I have gathered not many people got stuck in much of any this year – small miracle I am assuming). I spent time in the evenings that week before we left doing laundry and getting us as packed up as I could as Jeremy was working on another large project for work and I was solo with the kids again. Just another reason I was more than ready for some beach time.

Finally Thursday came and I hit the road after work to run some last minute errands before rushing home to load up the truck and get on our way.  Since we now have an (almost) fully potty trained boy (YESS!!) we needed some more pull ups just in case of accidents and swim diapers for the girl and of course some LandSharks and wine for Mommy and Daddy to pop open at our convenience.

We were loaded up and on the road right around 4:30 pm. Ideally it’s best to leave our house around 3-3:30 so we miss the majority of the Annapolis traffic but we do the best we can.

We got to the house right around 7:30pm which wasn’t too bad considering we hit a small bit of traffic and made 2 quick stops and we unloaded easily and got the kids ready for bed. While I did the bedtime routine, Jeremy ran to the store for some groceries and last minute beach essentials we had been wanting to stock up on.

After the kids were down and everything was put away for the weekend ahead we enjoyed a few cocktails while Jeremy did some work and I just got to hang out and relax.

Friday we were up early (when you have a 3 year old and an 11 month old who isn’t up early right?!?) and after breakfast we were headed to the beach. Our toes hit the sand by 8:30am and I have to say even that was a record for us on the early scale!! It was a little windy and a bit chilly the first day but we managed to get a good 4 hours and some quality sand and bucket playtime in before we headed home for naps for the kids.




As this was Makenna’s first REAL time at the beach (since last year she was only a few weeks old) I was excited to see how she would like it and take it all in. She ended up doing great and for the most part loved being there. She got a little fussy here and there but was easily distracted by sand toys and snacks. I cannot wait to get the baby pool on the beach – I know she will have a blast in that as well. We already have one “beach baby” and I am happy to know we will be able to spend summer days in the sand and water in the future since both kids seem to enjoy it as much as we do.

Once home and the kids were bathed (I normally like to put them straight in the tub when we get home from the beach to get all of the excess sand off of them so we’re not tracking it through the house) and down for naps Jeremy and I headed out to the driveway for some more sun and a few brews. I read a few chapters of my latest book while he smoked a stogie and listened to some music. It was pretty relaxing and we ended up chatting and having a good time together just hanging out when we noticed our 3 year old standing on the window ledge of his room (not napping at all) so at that point Gavin got to come outside and join in our fun.


After Kenna-girl woke up we played some inside and shared some snacks of pretzels and cheese before getting dinner ready for the kiddos. While I was feeding them and getting them ready for bed, Jeremy ran out to our favorite seafood spot,  Crabs to Go which is about 7 miles from the house and picked up some jumbo steamed shrimp and scallops to go with our dinner. (If you have never tried this place and are local to the Berlin, MD area or frequent the beach area often, PLEASE try this gem… We have only ever gotten amazing fresh seafood from this place and its always DELICIOUS! Not to mention the prices aren’t bad either. YUM!! I can’t wait for crabs over 4th of July weekend!

We ate dinner and shared some cocktails and then we started up a game of Rummy500…. which we never finished because Jeremy’s parents arrived for the weekend!! After unloading everything they had brought we poured more drinks, talked and hung out.

Saturday once again we were up early and ready to head to the beach after breakfast. We found our spot and settled in for the day. We got in another 5 good hours including lunch and a quick nap for Makenna under the umbrella before we called it a day.


My best friend, Erin and her fiance, Ian were on their way and we wanted to get back to the house to meet up with them!!

When we got back to the house like usual I got the kids in the tub and cleaned off and then put Makenna down for a (short) nap.

We hung out with Erin and Ian when they arrived and had a few beers before getting everything ready for a family dinner. We had burgers and asparagus, black beans and macaroni salad topped off with some white peach sangria. Everything was delicious!

That night we had planned to go out in Ocean City to celebrate Erin and Ian’s (very) upcoming nuptials, so after dinner we got ready for the night and and headed out. We started at Dead Freddies on the Bay (long story short – actually ended up there as well) and we had an absolute blast. I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun out with friends dancing the night away…. literally, it was 2:30am before we made our way back home.



When my kids were up at 6:30 in the morning I was not impressed… but as life as a mom goes I was up for the day for breakfast with the kiddos. Nana and Pappap were the next to wake up followed by Jeremy and then the almost newlyweds. We had a slow morning eating breakfast and hanging out and around 9:30am got ready to hit the beach again.

We spent the day chasing after the kiddos, playing with sand toys, trying (and failing) to get Makenna to once again nap on the beach and we even got some relaxing time in. It was a beautiful day and we all had a blast.


Around 2pm we decided to pack it and up and go back to the house so we could shower and get ready to take the kids to the boardwalk.


Once ready we loaded up and headed into town again. We decided to stop in at Dough Roller for a quick and easy dinner and then we hit some rides for Gavin. As always he knew the routine, exactly what rides he wanted to go on and had a blast per usual. We played Battle of the Sexes and it was a ton of fun!


After rides we grabbed some ice cream and headed home. After we put the kids down the adults stayed up for a few drinks and games.

The next morning after Jeremy let me sleep in (Halleluiah – I swear I can count on one hand the number of times I have slept in since Makenna was born) we decided to grab some last minute time at the beach before packing up to go home. After breakfast we once again loaded up and headed for the sand and water. After a great day on the beach and lunch at the Ocean Pines Beach Club of wraps, chicken tenders and cheese fries we packed up and headed back to the house to clean and get ready to drive home.


We showered and did our share of the cleaning (it goes pretty fast with everyone helping) and then got on the road. We stopped at Cracker Barrel on the way home for dinner and pulled in our drive just a little after 7pm.


It was a great weekend and I was sad to have it end although we have a LOT to look forward to in the next 3 weeks that I am SO excited for!!

Be sure to take a look at my Tips and Tricks for Taking your Little Ones to the Beach here.


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