DIY Lemonade Stand!

When I first started thinking about a theme for Makenna’s First Birthday party I knew I wanted the color pink to be involved and that was about it…. My sister in law suggested a Hot Pink and Yellow color combination and I was sold. After some searching on Pinterest I settled on a “Lemonade Stand” themed Party, and it took off. I found SO many cute ideas and went to town ordering and making things right away.

Since becoming a mom my creative juices (which are not very flowing to begin with) started to trickle and expand. I have taken on a couple projects I would never have even thought of doing myself only a few years back. My motto was always “I can always pay to have someone make it” or ” its just so much easier to buy it already done”.

However, the costs of two kids does add up eventually and finding that I can save money and have fun with making some of the stuff on my own, tugged at my frugality. So here we are – DYI Lemonade Stand extraordinaire.


I knew after seeing a ton of adorable pictures during my searches of Lemonade themed parties, I wanted a stand similar for Makenna. However my initial thought was; this is too much, it would cost a fortune and I could never make it cute enough to display at her party. I thought it would be adorable for both her cake smash pictures as well as a cute decorative accent at her party but I just didn’t think it was feasible. My BIL and SIL were the ones who actually gave me the push to just do it and Jeremy claimed it would be “simple” to put together so I decided to go for it.


Once again, I found my inspiration from

To start I bought 2 crates from Michael’s (12″ x 9.75″ x 18″ inches) – I used a coupon so I only spent $20 on both crates cobmined. Here is the link for the crates I bought. You can find coupons online pretty much any day of the year and some can even be combined which is what I ended up doing.

My In-laws had the wooden side poles already in their garage so all I needed was the top plywood piece and we were set to go on the wood for the actual structure.

I went to Home Depot and managed to score a scrap piece for free and they even cut it for me right there. I am not even sure of the exact dimensions as I eye balled the piece and it somehow worked out perfectly.

Next was paint! I opted for Sample Sizes because I knew I didn’t need a ton and wanted to be cost effective and not have a lot left over. I settled on Glidden Duo Samples in Carnation Pink and Warm Gold.

The colors were absolutely perfect and the sample sizes were just enough.


Once I had all my supplies, I set up an area to do the panting in the living room turned on the Bachelorette on ABC and poured a glass of wine.

IMG_6413 IMG_6414

It was actually really easy and simple to do and I was able to apply two full coats in about an hour and a half with some down time for drying.


I let the paint completely dry over night and then I created the actual “Lemonade” sign the next day. I just free handed the lettering as I wanted it to look a little like a child had created it… Yes my handwriting can be compared to that of a child’s… but I think it turned out super cute.


That evening Jeremy assembled the stand (with a bit of critiquing from me) and we were done. (Please excuse our laundry/storage room, it’s a hot mess).

First he put together the crates – He used the power drill to nail the 2 crates together.


Next he added the side poles that he cut to my specifications (these were also eyeballed as well). They were also screwed in using our drill.


Lastly we nailed in the sign….  I was going back and forth on whether or not I wanted it to be straight or slanted and decided with the slant to give the sign a little character.


And VIOLA – Lemonade stand!!


It was so SIMPLE and definitely added a ton of cuteness to Makenna’s cake smash session – not to mention it only cost about $30 total!! I am so glad I ended up going through with it and I can’t wait to see it at her party as well!


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