Let me tell you a secret about a Father’s Love….

When I first met my husband I had no idea the journey that this life would take us on together. I thought I had found a cool guy who was a little crazy and was fun to hang out with. We had a platonic surface friendship. Looking at him, marriage had never crossed my mind in those initial first few years. I had no idea of the triumphs and tribulations we would face together as a couple… I could not fathom that my love for this man would grow in ways to this day I don’t even know how to define. I had no idea this guy… this boy I had met all those years ago would one day inspire and empower me to become a better person, a better woman – an amazing mother. I couldn’t have imagined that our two separate lives would be forever become entwined and that we would create and together foster a family of our own.


I had no idea he would bless me with the two most amazing beautiful little beings that ever walked (my small part of) this world.


They say that when you see your husband with your child for the first time, the love you feel is indescribable. That you fall in love all over again seeing the man you love completely vulnerable to this new little human he has had a part in creating. With 100% certainty I can say this is true.


It has continued happening everyday since…

The day Gavin was born – Jeremy as a parent was also born. He BECAME a father. Not just a Father, but a Daddy. And when Makenna entered our lives disrupting Gavin’s entire world Jeremy’s role only flourished. Picking up where I left off, standing in when I needed a moment to gather or recollect myself, bathing, playing, diaper changing, cooing, and calming our crying babes.


Jeremy has always been a hands on Dad… always wanting to take part in all the little tasks that need to be done for our kids always a willing participant in play time, dinner, bath and bedtime. Although many days we “rock, paper, scissors” over who is going to change the 5th poopy diaper of the day, I know that I can count on him when things need to get done.


This coming from a guy who had never so much as changed a diaper before having kids… He barely knew how to HOLD a newborn and now he was… a father. A father that picked up this life and role much easier than I did… A guy who easily slid into the mold of “daddy” and did a DAMN good job if I have to say so myself.

Throughout the last 3 years I have observed, watched, listened in on and marveled in how well he does this Daddy thing. I am not saying he is perfect, or that he hasn’t made mistakes or that there are days I am sure he would love to fly the coop… who with 2 small children at one point or another hasn’t felt this way? But I can honestly say that watching him with our kids – just enjoying the everyday mundane little moments has most certainly shown me just another kind of love I never knew I would hold.

He is a natural at this, he is an amazing Father and I could not have guessed I would be so lucky.


Before having children, I had no idea that there were so many dads out there that are simply not a part of raising their kids. Being a good dad doesn’t mean that you’re just there. To us it means that Daddy is an active part in his children’s life. Taking interest in the things that interest them. Engaging them in fun activities and making sure your kids know they can count on you for anything. SO many dads are just there… but not all dads are fully present. I am so lucky that Jeremy is an active participant in his children’s life – always wanting to take on the shared responsibilities, never putting anything off on just me.


Jeremy has never wavered on what he believes is right for our children…we have decided how we want to raise them, how we want them brought up and to him – that is it. Even when other people question or contend our decisions he is steadfast knowing the decisions we have made, the ones we have spent countless hours discussing and puting into practice are right for us – for our family. When I sometimes waiver, he is there to reel me back in, reminding me of why we chose the things we chose and that we have made thoes choices with our children’s very best interest at heart. That just because what we do is not what others are doing or just because our decisions aren’t the “popular” thing to do, doesn’t meant they aren’t right.


When I need a moment to myself he gives it to me…. when I just want to be with my kids, he changes our plans and we stay in… being a father – a parent also means your a teammate to your spouse and I am so lucky to be on this journey with my husband.

We have weathered this journey together… making sure to always be a team, to always have one another’s back – even when we disagree (and yes there are things we disagree on). We have cried though the lows and laughed in the midst of the highs and we have two unbelievable gorgeous and rather well behaved (if I can say so myself) children. I would not be able to do this parenting thing without him and I know A LOT of the time – Dads don’t tend to get much credit – most of the accolades fall to Moms.

Today I want to say that I am Thankful for you Jeremy… for all that you do for us. From the 11pm nights at the office 6 days in a row to the 6am wake ups with our rugrats… while also letting me sleep in and have my own “mommy time” during the day…. Gavin, Makenna and I appreciate you even though sometimes we might not always show it. You are sometimes selfless, always wanting to do more, to give us more. Always willing to go the extra mile to make us happy and to put us first. I could not be more grateful to share this life with you and to watch you do the things you were born to do – one of those things is being a Daddy!!

We love you and we would be LOST without you. 🙂




Happy Fathers Day to the best Daddy we know!

Also a very Happy Fathers Day to ALL the dads out there, especially to my Dad and Father in law…. For everything you do for us everyday, for raising us to be the best parents we can be and holding us to those standards still… we are so grateful and thankful. We love you both very much!






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