Makenna’s First Birthday Party!

I am little late with this one as Makenna’s First Birthday Party was over a month ago, but hey…. a lot has been going on.

I am still – over a month later in some sort of shock that I now have a 3 year old AND a 1 year old. I feel like it was yesterday I was planning my wedding…. buying and moving into our first home and just beginning our lives together. Many times I find myself wanting to stop time… to keep things exactly as they are and with each new phase and milestone I am even more amazed at how wonderfully lucky I have been.

Makenna is quite the epitome what I always thought having a daughter would be like – cuddly while feisty and independent. She’s gorgeously beautiful with a bit of spunk and attitude. She is crazy and hilarious and makes us laugh every single day.

Alright so let’s get right into this……

Planning a party for a girl was a bit different than my three years of boy party planning experience but – it was a LOT of fun. (Meanwhile Gavin is hellbent that we will be having another “Thomas the Train” Birthday party when he turns 4 – Lord help me!!)

As you know, I had decided on a Lemonade Stand themed party with a color scheme of hot pink and yellow – Just the color scheme made me giddy.

Makenna Party 8

Finding things that I wanted to include was a breeze on and I even made a couple of the decorations myself!!! I didn’t go too crazy or overboard on the small things. I wanted to be realistic on what I thought was necessary and what would just be a waste of time and money and I think we had a good balance.

I had created her Lemonade Stand on my own prior to the party and went to town ordering and making things as soon as I finalized the theme. I have become pretty crafty (as crafty as a non crafty person can get) and have managed to navigate my way around Michael’s and Hobby Lobby quite a few times for the supplies I needed without taking anyone with me to tell me what to get… HUGE accomplishment.

Here’s a picture of the lemonade stand at the actual party (and yes it was basically a “decorative accent”).

Makenna Party 3

We had decided long ago to have Makenna’s party at my in law’s house. They have a great back yard and I just wanted it to be a relaxed atmosphere where the kids could run around and play and just have a good time. With Gavin’s Birthday being in March and not being able to plan outside parties for him for fear of what the weather may or may not do – to say I was ecstatic to plan outside parties for Makenna would be an understatement.

Makenna Party 7

We rented a small bounce house from a friend, had a kiddie pool and sprinkler set up with a bunch of other random activities and toys and the kids just went to town.

makenna party 31

Makenna party 34

Her invitation came from ThePaperBlossomShop. I wanted it to be simple and girly and I wanted it to convey the theme well. I think we nailed it.

makenna party invite

I also included little insert cards to let everyone know to bring a bathing suit and towel for water play that I created in Microsoft Word myself. Sadly, it appeared that half the guests didn’t get the cards!!!!! 😦 Not sure what happened there.

Makenna party 40

The first thing I bought for the party was from seller Party Delights – I got 50 of the Pink Lemonade Paper Straw Mix. This purchase set the tone for where I was going with the party.  Of course we had 2 kinds of Lemonade (Pink and Yellow) and the straws fit right into the set up.

Makenna Party 20



The next thing I decided on was a cute Garland from Etsy seller Love Garlands. I had a custom pink and yellow order made and included the adorable cake topper in my package. The garland added an adorable pop of color and fun to both Makenna’s Cake Smash shoot and her Party.

Makenna Party 5makenna party 21

I got pink and yellow cheveron cupcake liners from seller MyLittleOtter and I have discovered that I am HORRIBLE about getting good pics of all the little details at parties… maybe I should follow advice I have gotten several times in the past to just hire someone to do this for me – because I am always so sad looking back realizing we never have pictures of all the little details. I made the cupcakes myself which has proven to save a ton of money with all of Gavin’s parties.

 Sadly this is the best picture I could find of the cupcakes all set up….

Makenna Party 23

Makenna’s party outfit – a pink and yellow petti romper and matching headband came after A TON of searching, deciding and re-deciding from seller IzzysAttic. I could not decide for the life of me what I wanted her to wear – a romper, a tutu, both… neither. Finally deciding on this was a feat in its own – but it was perfect. I couldn’t have imagined her looking any more adorable for her Cake Smash and party!!

makenna party 25 makenna party 26 makenna party 27makenna party 28 makenna party 29makenna party 30

Her Birthday Hat was next – this was another long and drawn out search. I ended up going with Etsy seller DoodlesDotsnDimples. It went perfectly with her romper and although she barely wore the hat at all… I am glad we have it as a keepsake for her once she has grown up.

makenna party 17

makenna party 18

I got most of the paper products – cups/plates/silver wear from Party City and Walmart – whoever had the cheaper prices. I think after all was said and done I spent less than $30 on everything.

I made 3 decorative pieces myself and sadly we only used 2 of them. In the midst of all the hustle and bustle of setting up and prepping everything – I simply didn’t have time to deal with my adorable circular paper garland. Sad day.

I did however manage to use both the bunting “Happy Birthday Makenna” sign I had made and a 12 month picture banner from her monthly sticker photos- which both added a bit of personalization to her decorations.


Makenna Party 6


Makenna Party 2

As always big thanks go out to Aunt Katie who made both of Makenna’s cakes (one for her cake smash, one for the actual party) iced the cupcakes and created her One Year Birthday Chalkboard.

Makenna Party 4

Makenna Party 14

Makenna and her Godmomma!

I had been stressing about the party favors for months (don’t ask – I know so silly)…. so I was so relieved when my mother in law offered to take care of putting them together. We ended up doing blue and pink beach pails and she filled them with sunglasses, a beach ball, bubbles, play-doh, and a small kazoo. They were simple and easy and I am SO happy I didn’t have to worry about them. The kids seemed to like them as well – I know Gavin did. I wish I had gotten a picture of one of them all filled up but as always, I forgot. We did line the deck with the buckets during the party (pictured above) and I thought it was really cute how they were displayed.

All in all the party went pretty well. The kids, played, the adults hung out…. we had good food and drinks and the weather couldn’t have been better. I wanted a relaxed, chill kinda party and that is exactly what we had.

makenna party 33

Makenna loved having “Happy Birthday” sung to her and enjoyed her cake maybe a bit too much 🙂 I think she had a good time!!

Makenna Party 9Makenna Party 10

Makenna Party 11

Makenna Party 12

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Makenna Party 15


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