Sweet Sweet Summer 2014 – A quick Recap!

I don’t know where this past summer summer went. While we’re full on into the middle of fall (yes I know – its the middle of OCTOBER), and I even have my fall decorations and Pumpkin smelling candles out, I feel like just yesterday that spring was arriving and we were gearing up for beach time, cookouts, weddings, and fun in the sun… Wait September is over? When did that happen….. you see what I mean???

Summer has always held a special place in my heart since childhood. Time to reconnect with family, go to the pool, on vacations and just veg – always a time for making great memories to look back on. Now that I am an adult and have to work through the summer I find I crave those times even more often as they seem to be fewer and further in between. I want to make happy summer memories for our children and I want to spend as much time with them as possible doing so.

Here’s a short look into a bit of our summer and a LOT of pics to go with!

Summer kicked off (at least for me)  the weekend before Memorial day with my Best Friend’s Bridal Shower on May 18th. 10 of us (all the Bridesmaids) planned the big day and if I must say so myself it came out beautifully. The shower was a Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme and we had a ton of delicious food and adorable decorations. Check it out for yourself.

  summer recap7

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Memorial Day Weekend was our official kick off to summer at the Beach. You can read all about our fun long weekend here.

June 7 2014, my bestie, Erin married the love of her life.

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It was an amazing weekend on the Eastern Shore and I was honored to be one of her Maids of Honor(s) (there were 4 of us and 6 bridesmaids – crazy I know). We had such a fun time taking over the beautiful  Historic Kent Manor Inn and even went to the Red Eye Dock Bar the night before the wedding for one last Hurrah! With a 20 person wedding party, you can only imagine the good times we had.

summer recap24

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Next on the docket was Makenna’ s Lemonade themed First Birthday Party. I still cannot believe I have a 1 year old and a 3.5 year old. It’s amazing how quickly times flies.

summer recap21

(Makenna with her Aunties at her party)

The rest of June was filled with fun summer days spent outside, rooting for the USA Men’s Soccer Team in the World Cup, some pool days, the loss of our dear friend Samantha and catching up with family.

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The first weekend in July we headed back to the beach for 4th of July with the whole Tipton clan… including the 3 dogs!! Jeremy, the kids and I decided to make this a VERY extended “weekend” and we left Tuesday night (July 4th was on a Friday this year… haha), meaning we got 5 full days at the beach… yeah!!! (It was much needed).

Wednesday we took the kids and spent the day on the sand. Since it was our first time down since MDW the kids were ready for a full day on the beach. That night we went back to the house and once the kids were down we made some cocktails and waited for the rest of the family to arrive.

Thursday was another full beach day with the whole gang. It’s always so nice to have everyone together for good quality family time.

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 That night Katie, Moose, Jer and I went out for some adult time and to celebrate one of my very best friend’s 31st Birthday. As always we had a blast. We also met up with the St. Clair’s which is always a great time as well.

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4th of July Friday was dreary and rainy so after a lazy morning hanging out the girls went out for lunch. That afternoon we got crabs at the house, a Tipton family 4th of July tradition and as always Crabs to Go nailed it and they were delicious.

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Saturday Katie and Moose left for their Hawaiian vacation (can you say jealous much?) and we spent another day at the beach. That night we took the kids down to the boardwalk for food, rides for Gavin and fireworks and they loved them…. but if I can offer any bit of advice – AVOID the Boardwalk on 4th of July, it took us 2 hours to get out of the parking lot!!!!

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That Sunday we spent the day with our Kim and Brian and their two girls on Asageauge Island. We took a boat and Gavin was thrilled for the ride and is STILL talking about “Uncle Brian’s boat” and going for another ride.

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Two weekends later we headed to Pennsylvania with the Tomko side of the family. We stayed with my grandparents at Hidden Valley and that Saturday we took the kids to Storybook Forest and Idlewild Amusement Park…. we had an absolute blast and Gavin felt like a big boy getting to ride all the fun big kid rides.

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August was filled with Birthday parties, crabs with family and our Family Summer Vacation which we spent where else but Ocean City!!!

summer recap6

We had 10 full days at the beach and we loved every single second. It was fun, it was relaxing and we had a great time just being together. I even read an entire book!! The Tomko’s came down for the first weekend so we were lucky to share some beach time with my parents and my brother, Matt and my future sister in law, Desi.

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There is not much more to say about our vacation at the beach except we spent everyday but one (the day it poured buckets) day in front of the water, we went and saw a Shorebird (the Washington Nationals feeder team) game and Gavin got his first actual baseball. He was pretty stoked and I think this night began Gavin’s love of the game.

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We had some AMAZING dinners including surf and turf and crabs and each night Jeremy and I had cocktails and played games after the kids went to bed.

Summer recap9summer recap20

We really did have a great time and the vacation could not have come at a better time. I had been going through some health issues at the time and the relaxation time was much needed!

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On the last weekend of Vacation Jeremy’s parents came to hang and we did the beach and pool and a nice dinner at home and then played games and hung out. Gavin also got to stay an extra night with Nana and Pap-pap (it was HARD for Mommy to leave that day LOL)

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After our Vacation it was nice to get home and back into the swing of normalcy and life but we had TWO more beach weekends before the summer was really over. (Pull my arm right?)

We spent a long weekend for Labor Day with the Tipton clan shore-side and we also had a weekend with our friends Jess and Ryan (and Katie and Moose) planned before we could pack it up for the summer.

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This summer Gavin learned to hit a baseball  and became fully potty trained!! Yeah!!! Makenna began to walk and talk and gets into everything. We also bought a new truck, saying good bye our beloved/and hated Chevy Trail Blazer (the first car Jeremy and I bought together – tear).

Gavin also started playing on a U4 soccer team and Daddy is the coach. They practice and play games every Tuesday and Thursday and we range from loving it to hating it depending on the day.

summer recap3

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All in all Summer 2014 was a hit and the memories made will last a lifetime!

OK… onto fall!!!