Bearing my Soul….

I am reliable, realistic, irrational and spontaneous.

I am the most easy-going, type A, control freak, go with the flow person you will ever meet.

I am not a moody person – I don’t often get in “bad moods”, but I have a temper. You can push me to my limits and you can light the fire – fair warning – it may easily be ignited.

I am patient and laid back but I can also be extremely pushy and irritating when I want something to go my way or have an idea about how something should be.

When I am content I smile, when I am happy I laugh and when I am sad, hurt, or just plain frustrated I cry. I can be easily frustrated.

I am one of those people that have a “two second rebound rate, and then I am back to doing the next pain in the ass thing”.

I love romance and being romanced but I am not romantic – although I would like to think I am.

I do and say what I feel in the moment but don’t have many regrets.

I don’t have any idea where I would be without my family and friends…. they drive me. Every. Single. Day.

I take things for granted and then immediately wish I hadn’t (not a regret). 🙂

I am a lover and a fighter and I say things I don’t mean in the heat of the moment. When I love you, I love you. End of story.

I am a hard worker, I work hard for the things I have and like to enjoy the fruits of my labor to the fullest.

I take too many pictures and not enough videos. I want to be able to go back and relive everything.

I can decide if I like a person within 5 minutes of knowing them. If I am not a fan of you, it’s probably been that way from the beginning. There are not many people I don’t like.

I have lifelong, forever, loyal, ridiculously fun, and amazing best girlfriends whom I have shared my heart and soul with, yet I still have secrets and things I keep to myself.

I am practically impractical.

I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt until you cross me. I give second and third chances to the people I love and I honestly expect to see the best of people come through.

One word that least describes me is Lazy. But I do get bored.
Another word that does not describe me well is Pessimistic – there is hope in every situation.

I like to be held, but I am not a huge fan of cuddling. I love to hold hands.

I know what I want and have no problem doing what I need to do to get there – but I still let people walk all over me.

I don’t care what people think about me, but I don’t like to stand out in a crowd.

I need to feel supported and understood. I like to know I am needed and important.

Sometimes I talk too much when I probably should be listening.

I can be stronger than I give myself credit for.

When my feelings are hurt you won’t normally know.

I think the best of people; I am naive, and sometimes a little too gullible.

I cannot stand a lair, yet I have lied. Sometimes I trust people more than I should.

If I like you, you know it, and you know pretty much everything about me. I wear my life on my sleeve.

I like to cook, I cannot bake.

Being a mother has 100% drastically changed me and I love every second of it – yet sometimes I still hold out for pieces of the old carefree me and miss that part of who I was. A lot.

I have loved every place and stage I have encountered in this life…. I have really tried to live in each moment, yet I feel like I have missed so much and would do anything to go back and do it all over again.

I don’t understand hatred, violence or why people do mean things for kicks.

I am innocent yet experienced. I am scared of pretty much everything yet I dive right in on most occasions.

I am not afraid of consequences and I live up to the mistakes I have made when need be. I have made plenty of BIG mistakes.

I drink too much, party too loud and for too long and I enjoy every second of it.

I am a girly girl with many tomboyish characteristics.

I love the small things…. to me they are bigger than the big things.

I believe in miracles – they happen every day. I have two of my own; I cherish them more than I can describe.

I feel more emotions that I ever care to show or let out.

I am messy and imperfect and I yell and scream when I am mad. I am not always a joy to be around. But I love being around people.

I love the outdoors, the smell of cut grass, the feel of a cool fall day and the heat of the sun in the summer. I could do without snow in most situations.

I have been in love – a few times before, and I truly believe, through the good and the bad – that I have found the person I am meant to spend my life with. I do not believe in soul mates.

I second guess myself, yet you would never know it.

I believe in Heaven and that we have angels watching over us. Sometimes I feel and sense them.

I am pro-life, I believe in the Second Amendment and I am a proponent for being able to marry and share your life with whomever you love – whoever that may be.

I have Champagne taste… and a Bud Light budget.

I would do anything for anyone in need – in a heartbeat. Yet I pick and choose who I want to help.

If you have talked about me behind my back, I have probably talked about you. Not always in a bad way but I am still not proud of it.

I am brutally honest…. this is a blessing and a curse. Sometimes my heart speaks before my head – which is not always a good thing.

Sometimes I can be mean and insensitive. I never mean it, it’s just the way I come off. I feel badly for days afterward.

I don’t have a hero but MANY people inspire me.

I cannot wrap my head around fatal illnesses – especially in children and I would do anything to make their pain go away.

I do not question my faith and don’t entertain those that do.

I have the best intentions always. Honestly.


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