Wine of the Month Club – Husbands Pay Attention!!

If you’re looking for a easy quick gift to add in as a stocking stuffer this year and you have a “wine-o” in your life…. this is a great idea.

Urban Dictionary’s definition of a wine-o (in case you were wondering) – An individual who enjoys drinking wine more than most, this would be the person you ask… “what kind of wine goes best with lamb shanks and sweet peas?”.

It’s no secret…. I am a HUGE wine lover. However, I am not a picky wine snob kinda like my oh so loving hubby. A $5.49 magnum of Vendange will appease me any week while Jeremy chooses the more expensive bottles more often then not.

For Christmas last year Jeremy thought of the most unique gift he’s ever given me – “Wine of the Month Club.” While this may not be a big to do for some, if you knew my husband you would understand why this was a bigger deal for me than most things he gets me. While he’s awesome at picking out clothes, bags and shoes for me, he’s not what you would call “creative” when it comes to gift giving.

He didn’t sign me up for a subscription to a winery where I got a few bottles delivered every month…. he got more creative. He actually made the Certificate himself which was in my stocking on Christmas morning and went out every single month and bought me a new bottle I wouldn’t normally get – a more expensive “nicer” wine – than what I am used to.

wine club 2

I thought it was such a cute idea and we had so much fun every month having our “special” bottle together.  Sometimes he let me enjoy it alone!



We had whites, we had reds and I actually found a few bottles I would buy again – and did!!



It was such a thoughtful, creative, fun and super easy gift – probably one of my favorites of last Christmas and definitely something you could throw together last minute!!


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